“When I first met Kamilia I asked her to publish a professional magazine, with which she was unfamiliar, in record time. This meant editing, writing, interviewing, compiling the magazine, managing, and debating the contents with me. That is a fair challenge for a young editor. I had interviewed many candidates and she struck me as by far the strongest: I was worried that she was younger than other candidates but she clearly had potential.

It went well. I suspect she liked the challenge. She is intelligent and independent. With an innovative mind, and eclectic interests, she is able to edit and write on a variety of topics. She learnt quickly.

Kamilia worked for me from July 2012 to about October 2013 managing the professional magazine. Much of her time was spent copy editing and this has been a good experience for her. Editing is not always glamorous. There are deadlines to be met; matters to be proofed’ last-minute corrections to finesse. She contributed articles too. She a flair for headlines – I remember chuckling over some. She had to manage relationships within the professional body and this required delicacy; often patience. Deadlines were always met; and she worked hard. She still writes as her cv demonstrates and for strong publications.

As I have said to her many times I think she will do very well. I should add that she is a genuinely nice person.

I’m very pleased to hear that she is still writing. She should be. I wish her the very best indeed. It is a pleasure to write a reference for her.”

Neerav Srivastava, Content Development Director, Thomson Reuters

“I highly recommend Kamilia. She is a very talented writer, with remarkable research skills and a profound knowledge of the topics she writes about. Kamilia is also a skilled interviewer, with a wide network of contacts. What is more, she is very enthusiastic about her work, as well as highly professional, reliable and efficient.   I also greatly appreciate her genuine and profound commitment to intercultural dialogue and her deep understanding of geopolitics and cultural issues. I am sure that Kamilia has the skill set, experience and motivation to bring to new performance levels any project she is in charge of.”

Daniel Atzori PhD (Durham) Editorial Team Coordinator, Papers of Dialogue, AGI (Agenzia Italia)

“Kamilia has produced two great articles for CNN Travel to date. She is a strong writer with great research qualities and a pleasure to work with.”

James DurstonSenior ProducerCNN Travel

“Kamilia worked for me at Thomson Reuters Hong Kong as editor of the niche Human Resources magazine, a key journal used extensively by human resource practitioners as a guide and indicator of market trends.

For over a year now, Kamilia has displayed a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm towards not just Human Resources, but also writing and editing legal, economic and leisure material for other parts of the business.

She provides drive and a different perspective, which derive perhaps from living in and being exposed to different cultures from a young age. She is also a fast learner who is prepared to tackle difficult topics outside her comfort zone, no matter the number of hours that takes her to do so.

In addition, her bubbly and pleasant personality makes her a joy to be around with in the office, as other colleagues would readily attest to.   I would highly recommend her to other employers and I have absolutely no doubt that she will work hard and excel in whatever she does.”

Vince ChongManaging EditorThomson Reuters

“Kamilia is a consummate editor for Thomson Reuters and someone you should definitely get to know. I had the pleasure of working with her over the past few months on a featured HR delegation article for HR Magazine Hong Kong (November 2013 issue).

Kamilia was very thorough, creative and easy to work with in every aspect, from reviewing my first draft, providing her comments and suggestions for revisions, keeping me on track with the central theme, editing, design layout and finalizing the article for publication.

Her editing and publishing insights and specific application made my ‘article of ideas’ come to life and for that I am most appreciative. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with Kamilia. Even though we were literally continents apart, it felt like she was in the office right next door. A great experience for anyone and one that I hope to engage in again soon based on future HR topics she needs written.

Thanks again Kamilia for the opportunity to contribute to your magazine and for your wonderful assistance!”

William BennerPresident, MPA, ACC WW Consulting, Inc.

“Kamilia is genuinely a very creative and talented writer and editor. I recently had an opportunity to get to know this and experience her professionalism, when I was invited to write an article for the HR magazine. She brilliantly suggested appropriate and interesting changes to my feature paying close attention to details.

As an editor she certainly has an understanding and ability of presenting the right content customized to the readers.”

Pauline Mei Ling Williams, Global Director, Mybenefits Ltd.

“Mybenefits engaged the expertise of this very energetic, knowledgeable and charismatic Professional – Kamilia! She was Editor for our article written for Human Resources Magazine.

Kamilia’s approach was exactly how we expected, showing great enthusiasm and giving constructive ideas in terms of changes that were required to make this an interesting read for our target audience.

We hope to collaborate with her on our future projects and can highly recommend her for her talents, attention to detail and efficiency!”

Nidhi Kush ShahFounder & DirectorAlchemy Consulting

“I had worked with Kamilia when writing an article for the HR Magazine. As the editor of the magazine, Kamilia was thoroughly professional, efficient, prompt to respond with her comments and edits and most of all a pleasure to work with to make the experience swift and as painless possible (especially for a novice writer like myself). Many thanks once again Kamilia!

“It has been a real pleasure getting to know Kamilia and working together to produce a feature article in the HR publication where she is editor. Her background is fascinating, her experience rich and broad. She is a very professional and committed person, with a great eye for detail and she provided clear direction to help shape our article. Look forward to future collaborations.”

Johnny SamtaniHR Consultant, BNP Paribas


“Kamilia interviewed me for an article she was writing on cross cultural differences and etiquette. She made me feel at ease, asked insightful questions and inspired trust. The article was well written and I partcularly appreciated that she took the trouble to ensure that I was completely happy with the article before it was printed.”

Alice KaushalManaging Director, Refine


“Kamilia is very professional and committed to her work. She is very dedicated and pays attention to detail. She also has a broad view of the labor market and the global context. As an Editor of excellence, she also provides feedback and is willing to answer questions and hear comments. Collaborating with her has been a privilege.”

Jennifer AmozorrutiaResearch and Best Practices Manager, Great Place to Work Institute Mexico, CA & Caribbean

“Kamilia strikes me as a talented person with a keen eye on details. Her strong background in journalism is evident when she helps me translate and refine my thoughts into presentable article. Besides, she is able to grasp new concept extremely fast and working with her is a pleasure !”

 Darren LimSAP HR Consultant

“Kamilia assisted on getting an article I had written published in Human Resourses Magazine, The Offical Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management. I found Kamilia very efficient, detail orientated and excellent at giving feedback on how to structure the article.”

David SimpsonDirector, Team Building Asia

“Kamilia is an excellent editor. She made the process of preparing my article for publication painless. And it wasn’t an easy task. She is a pleasure to work. She’s patient but has a keen eye.”

Sharon ArmstrongCareer Coach 

“I had a chance to work with Kamilia on a Hong Kong HRM Magazine article. She was provided great support and solid editorial input from start through the completion of the project. She made it easy for me to complete the assignment.”

William ChinStaffing Director, Qualcomm Asia Pacific

“I was introduced to Kamilia recently and the project we worked on ran smoothly to a productive conclusion. Kamilia provided clear input and guidance during the process which was helpful to achieve the outcome. As this was a positive experience I would value the chance to work with Kamilia again in the future.”

Sarah A. JacksonHR Director, APAC, Waggener Edstrom

“I had a chance to work with Kamilia on a project to get a featured article for Human Resources Magazine ready in a short period of time. She is professional, hard-working, and I especially appreciate her initiative to always follow up on the project. It was a great experience working with her, and I definitely look forward to any future collaboration.”

Olivia MakMarketing Communications Manager, Verity Consulting Limited

“Kamilia is a hard worker and has a great curiosity about the world, including politics, business and the changing dynamics in society. She brings a unique perspective from her experience in the Middle East and with more experience in Asia will be well positioned to comment on the important relationship between the regions as it develops. Kamilia understands deadlines and has a good ability to synthesize information quickly and produce material on a wide variety of subjects.”

Eric StrysonDirector, Global Institute for Tomorrow

“During her time at the Hong Kong-based think tank GIFT, Kamilia Lahrichi has been a hardworking, productive and dynamic addition to the team. She has succeeded in delivering communications material and meeting tight deadlines. Kamilia Lahrichi has demonstrated outstanding communications and project management skills. She knows very well how to write quickly and concisely, edit efficiently and translate complex ideas (e.g. about global capitalism) into articles and reports accessible for the public.

Kamilia Lahrichi also has excellent analytical skills as she has displayed sound judgment to analyse the main socio-economic developments in Asia. In addition, Kamilia Lahrichi (with her Moroccan-French background) has proved to be a great addition to our multi-cultural team.”

Nina JatanaHead of Communications, Global Institute For Tomorrow

“Kamilia volunteered for a project to improve the metadata of images of our corporate image library. In little time, Kamilia managed to keyword some 700 images accurately, thereby improving the searchability of our library assets.”

Pere Mora Romà, Web Publishing Manager, UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS)

 “Kamilia Lahrichi a travaillé en tant que stagiaire (en vue d’une embauche) pour le service international de L’Orient-Le jour pendant deux mois. Elle nous a donné entière satisfaction. Kamilia Lahrichi apprend vite, est au fait de l’actualité internationale, sait synthétiser et hiérarchiser l’information, et s’est montrée capable de nous préparer un dossier complet sur un sujet d’actualité, le Soudan, en choisissant des angles intéressants et en maîtrisant aussi bien l’analyse que le reportage. Nous n’avons pas embauché Kamilia Lahrichi car le poste a été pourvu à travers une promotion en interne. Si cette promotion interne (prioritaire) n’avait pas eu lieu, Kamilia Lahrichi aurait sans aucun doute rejoint notre équipe.”

Antoine Ajoury, Responsable du service international, L’Orient-Le Jour

“Kamilia Lahrichi was an excellent addition to our staff during the summer of 2009. She is very knowledgeable about Middle Eastern affairs, a good writer and an excellent team worker, who is both efficient and personable.”

Hillel Schenker, Co-Editor in Chief, Palestine-Israel Journal

“Kamilia was a reliable and hard-working intern in the Spring 2008. I counted on her a great deal and was consistently impressed by her work product. She was able to seamlessly draw from her diverse professional background where relevant to policy issues in our office. I would highly recommend her.”

Hillary Daniels, Legislative Staff, United States House of Representatives

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