K-Pop Fever Reaches Argentina

BUENOS AIRES – Shinny outfit. Infectious melodies. High-energy dance moves.

You might believe that this is a concert in Korea but we are in Buenos Aires.

Thousands of miles away from Asia, this “K-pop hot” competition showcases some of Argentina’ biggest K-pop lovers. The one rule: delivering the sexiest K-pop choreography.

Among its growing legions of sasaeng or obsessive fans, the K-pop Argentina page on Facebook has secured more than 46,000 fans.

This subculture is gaining traction in the country. There is here a widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups, singers and TV drama stars.

In the Teatro Empire of Buenos Aires, K-pop wannabes are getting ready before performing on stage.

From Gangnam Style’s quirky dance steps to pop music and hip-hop’s dance routines, K-pop brings together different musical genres and fashions. It focuses more on idol bands and groups rather than solo singers.


Story idea, shooting, interviews, editing, voice over: Kamilia Lahrichi

 This video was published in RoosterGNN on November 5, 2014. Click here.


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